1. Sore fingers from practicing too much before a program? "New Skin Liquid Bandage" can help. Of course, nothing works as well as continuous diligent practice ahead of time, so the cushion or fingerpad part of your finger is well-developed and generally toughened.

2. "New Skin Liquid Bandage" can help strengthen an unexpectedly, slightly nicked string before a program. Put a small drop on your fingertip, and gently rub it over the nicked part of the string. Caution: If you get a drop on the varnish of your harp, it will leave a permanent mark - even if you rub it off immediately! ***

Tips 1 & 2 were given to me by my first harp teacher, the late Mrs. Dorothy Henschen, when I was a beginning student. "New Skin Liquid Bandage" can usually be found in a pharmacy -
or call 1-800 443-4908. (This is not a paid advertisement!)

3. Extreme dryness is hard on the harp. If you are in a dry condition, it may help to keep a large plant nearby, as the moisture from the plant and the soil will add a bit of extra humidity to the area.

4. Dampness also is hard on the harp. Never set the harp on a damp surface, such as wet grass or a freshly cleaned carpet.

5. Don't let your harp sit in the sun for extended periods of time, especially inside a closed vehicle, and try to avoid keeping it beside a heat vent.

6. A vinyl office chair mat, placed under a harp, will reflect the sound, and will protect the bottom of the harp. (A carpet will muffle the sound - and the harp may slip when playing on a smooth surface.)

7. Simple clothes pins can help keep sheet music on your stand if you are playing in a breezy location.

8. When using an electronic tuner, the following notes are the same tone:
C#=Db . . . D#=Eb . . . E=Fb (E#=F) . . . F#=Gb . . . G#=Ab . . . A#=Bb . . . B=Cb (B#=C).

9. If there are little children who show interest in the harp, teach them to respect it. Show them how to pluck the harp properly. They may like you to help them play a glissando or pluck out a song like "Jesus Loves Me". Remember, their fingertips are usually very tender.

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